Control the Lamp; Control the Light...

"Regulating the current, the voltage, or the input wattage will not stabilize the lamp.
…In the case of LEDs, DC power is not regulation.”

K.T. Zeiler, Sr. Design Engineer Lighting Technologies - April, 2016

MERCRON’s Controlled Illumination has been specifically designed
for High-speed Vision / Color Imaging applications

MERCRON’s Light Controllers optimize each light-source’s respective strong points while – not just minimizing, but in many cases, eliminating its potential drawbacks with...

  • ¼% or better Regulation
  • Instantaneous light-feedback
  • Extra wide-range variability
  • Remote control
  • Power factor correction
  • All’s Well signal

NEW : MERCRON now offers a 600-2200mA LED Light Controller
LEDS get hot and die...LEDs get old and fade...MERCRON prevents this from eventuating.

MERCRON stops LED diode decay by custom current-limiting and by light feedback for precision light control.

Sodium lamps offer the highest luminous efficacy of all practical light sources and a fixed spectral output. MERCRON’s Controllers curtail tendency of thermal hysteresis and thermal runaway.

Metal Halide light sources emit white light and have highest CRI of any H.I.D. lamps, providing excellent color rendering. MERCRON allows them to operate with a fixed color spectrum.

Fluorescent lighting is a versatile, linear light source with low heat risks, ideal for Imaging. When MERCRON-driven, they are extra bright with a continuous flicker-free, ripple-free output. Despite their replacement in common commercial applications, they remain highly useful in Vision applications.

Tungsten (Halogen) light-sources are the main source of infrared light, offering continuous spectral output, perfect for small targets, illumination and fiber-optic bundles. MERCRON eliminates common “start-up shock”. counters typical socket corrosion and increases life time by 50%-to-100%.

Some of our customers over the past 30 years:

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