High-Pressure (HP) SODIUM Illumination Controllers

Mechanically durable and rugged, High Pressure Sodium lamps provide the highest luminous efficacy of all practical light sources. Paired with a MERCRON lamp controller, Sodium lamps are as steady as sunshine.

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High-pressure SODIUM Considerations


The HP Sodium light-source is a high-intensity discharge (H.I.D.) lamp, made desirable for Machine Vision applications by MERCRON since it –

  • Most powerful of all practical light sources, vying with LEDs for brightness
  • Very rugged with long service life, vying with LEDs for longevity
  • Retains its spectral output over a wide-range of power levels. This fixed spectral output is particularly useful to those systems concerned with light and dark contrast apps.
  • Its spectral output complements the silicon’s sensitivity in those more demanding applications
  • Available in a variety of glass envelopes with 2 base-types for some: mogul and double-ended. Oftentimes, the latter allows for easier positioning.
  • Readily usable in compact installations
Our Solutions to "Otherwise Problems":
  • Sodium's tendency toward thermal runaway is curtailed by MERCRON's Regulation feature
  • Likewise, MERCIAN curbs Sodium's strong thermal hysteresis
  • MERCRON's Regulation feature allows lamp to be idled indefinitely without damage to the lamps when MERCRON-regulated, especially significant when idling at low output is desirable.
  • Can be idled all the way down up to full throttle, i.e. at any power level
  • MERCRON's wide-range Variability feature allows a 400W lamp to be driven as low as 300W - or - as high up to 570W, adding unparalleled flexibility to the system's design
Ripple-Free Light * Maximized Lamp Life * Adjustable Output * Up to 140% More Power
MERCRON-regulated SODIUM Lamps: Before & AFTER
Any light-sources has its pros and cons.
The most appropriate lamp is determined by several factors:
  • color of target
  • background color
  • color sensitivity of both the detector and the camera
  • color temperature of the lamp itself
Regardless, MERCRON allows the System Designer to capitalize upon its positives, and goes a long way to eliminate its negatives.
Strong Points

  • Most concentrated light-source
  • Most powerful of all light-sources
  • Emits more light in same amount of space
  • Spectral output matches demanding applications
  • Retains spectral output over wide-range power levels
  • Very rugged, very long service life
  • Operable in any position
Potential Drawbacks

  • Tendency toward thermal runaway
  • Has strong thermal hysteresis

But when regulated at high-frequency by MERCRON…

  • Lamps can be idled indefinitely without damaging the lamp
  • Maximum wattage is limited by optical feedback & electronic limiters, so thermal runaway is curbed
  • HP Sodium becomes...precision light-source, steady as sunshine!
  • Brightness on a target-area is now based on speed, without having to account for color shift when regulated by MERCIAN.
  • Thermal hysteresis is countered by MERCRON's Regulation feature.
  • Depending on lamp and model, the Drive Cable length can be as long as 30 feet!

Contact technical.director@mercon.com for particulars, of for any Vision concern.

High-Pressure (HP) SODIUM Light Controllers

Y-models - which include onboard power factor correctors - are generally required when multiple lamp ballasts are used in a single installation, or for operation in Europe. Their model number’s prefix will be SY.

When ordering, be sure to specify correct version: 120 VAC or 230 VAC. MERCRON will confirm the prefix of the correct model number.

Model Can
Lamp Type
(High-Pressure) Sodium
Volts Light Dimming
S100 1 SEW-TG Mini 100 100
S150-55 1 LU150-55 150 55 2:1
S150-100 1 LU150-100 150 100 2:1
S250 1 LU250 250 100 3:1
S400 1 LU400-T7 400 100 2:1
S575 1 LU400 100
S600 1 LU600 600 100

SODIUM Lamp-Controllers' Dimensions

Regular Metal Box:
9.5" X 5.125" X 2.625"
(241 X 130 X 67 mm)
Long Metal Box:
11" X 5.125" X 2.625"
(279 X 130 X 67 mm)
4 - 5 lbs
(1.8 - 2.3 kg)
3" X 8-32 or 10-32 bolts

Mechanical Specifications

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