Lamp Sockets

Lamp Sockets differ depending upon the lamp involved.

For the convenience of our customers, MERCRON generally stocks some of the more commonly requested sockets for Fluorescents, as well as for single-contact Tungsten / Metal Halide / Sodium light-sources.

Contact us to check on availability.

For Fluorescents:

  1. Mini BiPins – for use with all Fluorescent T5 light-sources
  2. Medium BiPins – for use with all Fluorescent T8 / T12, Standard light-sources. (Note: Sold in pairs)
  3. Recessed, Double-contact / RDC – for use with all Fluorescent T12, HO & VHO light-sources.

For Tungsten & Metal Arc (H.I.D.) Lamps:

  1. Recessed, Single-contact / RSC – for use with smaller-sized, single-ended Tungsten, Metal Halide & Sodium light-sources
  2. Mogul – for use with all “bigger” Tungsten, Metal Halide or Sodium light-sources; i.e., those with larger threads.

MERCRON will gladly help procure any of these or other socket-types

Some of our customers over the past 30 years: