LED Light Controllers

MERCRON announces its newly-developed
LED drivers and LED lamps to replace
Fluorescent lamps and other lighting
ESPECIALLY in line scan applications.

This picture demonstrates the dense LED spacing inside the T5/HO fluorescent-replacement lamp.

Fluorescent-replacement LEDs:

These linear LED lamps are:

→ T5/HO lamps: 5/8” (16mm) in diameter; 2-feet, 3-feet & 4- feet in length
→ Made for AC drive, but converted to operate with DC drive by MERCRON
→ Offer quieter and constant Machine Vision Lighting.

Lamp Specifics:
Note difference in overall length & Illuminated length

Lamp Length
Overall Length
(w/ Pins)
LEDs per inch
Illuminated Length
Type of Socket
24″ 21.9″
(556 mm)
4.75 17.75″
(451 mm)
14 Mini
36″ 33.7″
(855 mm)
3.70 29.55″
(750 mm)
18 Mini
48″ 45.5″
(1220 mm)
3.80 37.75″
(949 mm)
28 Mini


These LED lamps have VERY DENSE spacing which:

  • Provides powerful lighting without abusing the lamp
  • Minimizes the spatial issue with LED lamps
  • Are individually more powerful than a T5/HO Fluorescent aperture lamp @ 6500 candlepower, WHILE…
  • A pair of Two (2) T5/HO lamps – side-by-side – are more powerful than a T12 (38 mm)/ VHO, 30° Fluorescent aperture lamp
  • The pair will fit in an even-smaller space than one T12

In addition to 9 other models, MERCRON makes a special Low-voltage LED Controller which drives only the 24” lamps:

This unit…

  • Drives the lamps in parallel at 45 DC volts in order to stay below the 60-volt threshold for SELV circuits (However, should not be operated at full power due to the risk of “thermal runaway”)
  • Minimizes agency approvals/expenses for the Machine Vision System
  • Can drive up to a total of 10 lamps
  • Can be used to control two (2) banks of up to 5 lamps independently
ALL LED Models have MERCRON’s signature features of:

→ Precision Regulation 1/4 % or better
→ Light Feedback
→ Wide-range Variability: 5-to-1+/-
→ Remote control
→ “All’s Well Monitoring Signal assuring light level stays at selected level

See MODELS for 10 LED Controllers to date. Contact us for possible variations of these models.

See MECHANICAL SPECS for 2 different Chassis dimensions.

LED Models

MERCRON LED Light Controllers, or ballasts, are manufactured to operate a specific combination of lamps as follows:

For 24″ Lamps:

MODEL Number of 2-FT Lamps Driven
Per Controller
MLD 2X24 2
MLD 4X24 4
MLD 6X24 6
MLD 8X24 8

For 36″ Lamps:

MODEL Number of 3-FT Lamps Driven
Per Controller
MLD 2X36 2
MLD 4X36 4
MLD 6X36 6

For 48″ Lamps:

MODEL Number of 4-FT Lamps Driven
Per Controller
MLD 2X48 2
MLD 4X48 4
* IMPORTANT: For Overseas Markets, the model’s designation is MLDY; Be sure to specify!

Low Voltage for 24″ Lamps ONLY:

MODEL Output Voltage Type of Lamp Number of 2-FT Lamps Driven
Per Controller
LED 48-24-X 48 24″ Up to 10

For US Markets:

MERCRON’s LED Light Controllers have the same package size as existing MERCRON Lamp Controllers: 2.625” X 9.5”X 5.125”

For European Markets:

MERCRON’s LED Light Controllers’ dimensions are 2.625” X 11” X 5.125”; i.e., 1½ inches longer.

For ALL Markets:

The LED 48-24-X is the same as the regular MERCRON Chassis: 2.625” x 9.5” x 5.125”

Some of our customers over the past 30 years: