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Announcing Newer Yet…MERCRON’s LED Controllers for Machine Vision in 2017!

Find out more about our LED Light Controllers!

Densely-packed LEDs, ideal for Machine Vision applications
Brighter than fluorescent apertures (6500 candlepower)

Regulates 2-foot, 3-foot, and 4-foot T5 LED Lamps
Drives: Eight 2’; four 3’, and six 4’ lamps per driver!

Real-time, remote dimming – 5:1 +/-
Features “All’s Well” assurance sentinel w/ signal

(2014) Most powerful Sodium model yet, MERCRON’s SY600

Specifically-designed for the European market since it can only be used with 230 VAC input. Like all our recent designs, the “Y” models have an on-board power factor corrector (PFC). This is positively the most inexpensive way to assure highest quality control for your Inspection System since it offers more power per dollar than other light sources. One other cost-effective consideration…

(2013) Electronic Ballast for TINY! TINY! Powerful Arc Lamp

100-Watt, ¾“ diameter T-6 high-pressure Sodium Lamp. MERCRON’s New S100 Light Controller regulates with ripple-free, precision regulation, this super small arc lamp of compact size and exceptional power, ideal for Machine Vision Inspection Systems. Rated white life hours: 10,000. Universal operating position. Color Rendering Index: 83; correlated color temperature: 2550 K.

NEW 230 Volt…

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